Father Pays Daughter $200 To Quit Facebook

CNET News reports that Paul Baier, the vice president of a Massachusetts energy company decided to pay his 14-year-old daughter $200 in order to quit Facebook in the following 5 months. The girl accepted her father’s offer even though the decision might affect her relationship with her friends.

Facebook and Internet have frequently been described as addictive, especially among children and young teenagers. Parents would do just about everything to determine their children to take up other activities, as well, besides computer games and web surfing, but Paul Baier’s idea has been the most innovative, so far.

The vice president of a Massachusetts energy company was worried that his daughter, Rachel, was spending too much time on Facebook instead of studying for school. He used various methods to determine her to take a break, but it was only money that convinced the 14-year-old negotiator to abandon her Facebook account for the next five months.

Paul Baier is proud that his daughter had the courage to negotiate her deal with her father and he thinks this trend could soon be adopted by other children, as well. He also understands that it was difficult for Rachel to give up her online account knowing that she has been on the Internet for more than two years and her friends appreciate her for that. However, the girl is not going to receive any money until April 26, the day when the first $50 will be placed on her account. The rest of the $150 will be paid by June 26, that is, at the end of the school year.

Rachel declared that she plans to buy “stuff” with the money she receives from her father. Quitting Facebook for five months might not be such a difficult task to accomplish for the 14-year-old teenager, especially since she declared that she, like many other users, grew tired of Facebook. The agreement was posted on Paul Baier’s blog, so people could witness the deal that he and her daughter have made.

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