“Fatal Vision” Murderer Gets New Hearing

Jeffrey MacDonald, the “Fatal Vision” murderer got a new hearing 42 years later after he was convicted for killing his wife and daughters.

Some could argue the “Fatal Vision” murder is one case that just won’t be put to rest. Jeffrey MacDonald, now 68 years old, is currently serving time in prison for three life sentences as he was charged for the killing of his family 42 years ago. The “Fatal Vision” murderer has been granted a new hearing, after a newly discovered DNA evidence showed up.

 “Fatal Vision”, the best-seller and then the TV miniseries have sparked speculations that Jeffrey MacDonald might not be in fact the one that killed his wife and daughters. Whether it’s a love for conspiracy or looking for a mystery when it’s not the case, the “Fatal Vision” murder has remained one of the cases that still feel like there’s something missing.

Jeffrey MacDonald is now getting a new chance to tell the court what happened. The “Fatal Vision” convicted murderer always claimed he was innocent. He said some hippie intruders killed his family and new DNA evidence could help his defense in building an actual case.

In 2006 a DNA test found hairs that didn’t belong to any member of the MacDonald family. Investigators found these hairs in the hand of one of the daughters. The court has also accepted as evidence a statement from Jimmy Britt, a deputy U.S. marshal that worked the “Fatal Vision” murder in the first place.

Jimmy Britt died however but not before he gave a statement for MacDonald’s family saying he overheard prosecutor Jim Blackburn while he was threatening Helena Stoeckley, one of the hippies MacDonald claims attacked his family.

Stockley’s mom previously said it was the prosecutor that forced her daughter into lying at the trail. She was originally determined to tell the court it was her boyfriend and one other man that were behind the “Fatal Vision” murder. These were the hippies MacDonald says they broke into the house. What one of them said, “acid is groovy, kill the pigs” sparked a series of comparisons and theories to the California killings some Charles Manson followers committed just months before the “Fatal Vision” murder.

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