Fat Loss Factor Program Review: Losing Weight Easily

The Fat Loss Factor is a popular program developed by Dr. Charles Livingston. The Fat Loss Factor Program is considered to be one of the most efficient plans of losing weight naturally. It has already been tried by people from all over the world, who were extremely pleased with the results. reveals that Dr. Charles Livingston is a healthy living practitioner, a nutrition expert and a qualified chiropractor. He researched for years with the purpose to find a healthy diet plan that can help anyone lose weight naturally. Soon, he found a highly efficient method that can help anyone burn fat, achieve the perfect body shape and maintain great looks.

The Fat Loss Factor Program actually is a 12 week customized program. It explains, step by step, everything you should do to model your body the way you have always dreamed. There are two important phases to the program:

  • Phase one: two week detox. During this period of time you will have to adopt a detoxification program that will help you eliminate all harmful toxins from your body. According to Dr. Livingston you have to drink a lot of water and eat only natural organic foods. This includes fruits and vegetables. In two weeks your body will eliminate all toxins that slow down your weight loss process. Consequently, your immune system will be enhanced, while you will become more energetic.
  • Phase two: ten week weight loss program. When the detoxification process is done, you can start focusing on your weight loss. Small and regular meals are recommended, while the water intake needs to be high. Adequate exercises have to be performed 3 times a week.

Dr. Livingston’s Fat Loss Factor Program features numerous methods on how to hold a diet efficiently, how to stay motivated and how to lose the extra pounds in a natural way. You will discover step by step a series of exercises that can be performed from the comfort of your own home. This will make holding a diet much easier.

The Fat Loss Factor Program includes an eBook, a Master Cleanse video, an exercise guide book, as well as an exercise log book. An eBook featuring fat burring recipes will also be offered to users.

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