Fat Liposuctioned From Hips Returns to Belly in One Year

Obesity experts say that the human body “defends” its fat storage. If you try to loose it, it will come back. But if you go under a liposuction procedure, the fat will not be restored in the same areas, as the surgery destroys the “scaffolding” infrastructure that holds fat in place, forcing the new fat to deposit on other areas. 

Now, this may look terrifying, especially for women who have put their trust into the idea of lipo. So lets sit down and explain.
According to Medical News Today, a team of experts from University of Colorado, Denver led by Drs Teri L. Hernandez and Robert H. Eckel started to gain interest in what happens after the liposuction: does the fat come back after being removed?

And if so, is it to the same place or elsewhere in the body?
So they gathered a group of volunteers which included 32 non obese healthy women that had a disproportionate body fat distribution.

They looked for women that had more fat on their lower abdomen, hips and thighs. Before the study they made a set of measurements including abdominal, leg and arm circumferences, thickness of subcutaneous skinfold, MRI scans of torso and thighs. Then the women were divided in two groups: the experimental group included 14 women that received a small volume liposuction; the control group of 18 women underwent the procedure after the experiment.

All the measurements were repeated 6 weeks, 6 months and 12 months. During this time, the volunteers were asked not to make any lifestyle changes. They had to avoid going on a diet, exercising less or more, receiving disturbing news as much as possible.
After one year, the measurements showed a rising in the percentage of fat in the abdominal area of the experimental group. In other words, the women who underwent lipo procedure on thighs and hips accumulated fat in the belly.
The interesting part was that the women in the control group, after seeing the proven results, still chose to undergo the procedure.
Physical education specialists, as well as plastic surgeons advice any clients to make the decision of remodeling their bodies after deciding upon a whole lifestyle change. There is no point in having liposuction if you don’t commit to daily exercise, eating healthier and avoiding stress as much as possible. 

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  1. Liposuction is usually considered a shortcut and effortless means to get rid of excess body fats. However, this is not true. A person needs to alter his eating habits in order to maintain his body figure after the procedure. Although liposuction can be initially considered an easy way out, no one guarantees that you will not return to your previous figure if you do not observe the right discipline in eating and changing into a more active lifestyle.

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