Fashion Reality Show “Project Runway” Is Back

Fashionistas are you ready for that highly anticipated Season 10 of “Project Runway”? The fashion reality show is back and host Heidi Klum says watch out for five new things. The premiere is set today at 9/8c on Lifetime Network.

It goes without saying fashion reality show “Project Runway” hit a milestone. In the end, not many reality shows are so highly praised they managed to get to the 10th season. But at the same time, for some people the news that “Project Runway” is back might not be that thrilling. How much novelty can you bring to such a long-running show?

According to host Heidi Klum, this 10 season will have five particular things that will “make it work”. You might think she’s just being protective of the show she often referred to as one of her babies, but Heidi Klum really sells the show. “I started Project Runway from the very beginning, going around New York City trying to sell the show to networks and trying to explain what the show was all about” Heidi Klum told reporters.

“I’m very proud of it. It’s like one of my babies” the “Project Runway” host added. “I love the show and I love what it’s become, and we’ve got a lot of fans, and it’s become…an iconic kind of show that people recognize” the celebrity describes the fashion reality show.

But enough of Heidi Klum praising the fashion reality show. It’s time to talk actual facts. The host told reporters there are five things that will make 10th season memorable. To begin with you’ll be seeing Patricia Field of “Sex and the City” back as a judge. She was one of the very first judges on the reality show. And that’s not all, Lauren Graham, Hayden Panettiere and Krysten Ritter are among the guest judges you’ll see throughout the season.

Oh, and let’s not forget that “Project Runway”’s Gunnar is back. “He showed us that he evolved as a designer so we wanted to give him a shot” said Klum. “We like it when they prove us that we’re wrong, that they’re better than expected” the host added.

In a nutshell, the fashion reality show is back with season 10. We’ll leave the rest three things Heidi Klum was talking about to discover for yourself.

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