Fashion Passion: pregnant Kate Hudson on “Sky Heels”

Kate Hudson is known to have good taste in fashion. Even when pregnant she doesn’t hesitate to embark on a sky high heels journey.

Although she has a few weeks before giving birth to her second baby, the Hollywood actress is working hard on promoting her new movie, “Something Borrowed” in which – coincidence – the main subject in a wedding.

This fits Hudson’s general state because a few days ago she announced she is engaged to be married. On the Today show, the actress showed off her beautiful big diamond rock engagement ring that she received from her partner, Muse rocker Mat Bellamy. When the TV show host spotted it, she said: “I was wondering when someone was going to notice”. She was very happy about it.

A couple of days ago, Kate Hudson was seen in front of Kimmel Live studio in Hollywood wearing a very beautiful white and blue babydoll dress accessorized with very high heel shoes designer by Christian Louboutin.

She looked very chic in the white babydoll with navy blue embroidery. It looks like she is trying to maintain her physique toned even though pregnant. The cream high heels shoes showed off a good tonus in her legs.

Later on that day, she was spotted in the company of new husband to be Matt Bellamy and this time she was wearing something more comfortable and totally different.

When exiting the television studio, Kate was wearing a long wavy dress, brown and with small lighter colored models. The dress was covered by a jersey. She left the sky high heel shoes for classical simple flip flops.

Kate and Matt met last year at Coachella music festival, where they kind of bumped into each other.

She was advised by the show’s host, Kelly Ripa to pursue him. He winked at her and Rippa said to Hudson “I think this guy likes you!” And the rest is history.

The couple is very eager to meet their baby. But until now, they refused to find out whether the little one is a he or a she. And they probably will keep it a secret ( from the world, them included) until the due date.

Kate Hudson had yet another child, a boy, Ryder, who is now 7 years old. His father is Black Crowes  rocker Chris Robinson, Hudson’s ex husband.

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  1. She’s nothing but an attention seeking person ! Went on and on that she wanted another kid and finds someone stupid enough to trap ! Now she has proposed to him ! Don’t call him hubby darling you won’t make it that far !

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