Farm parody of ‘Sexy and I Know It’ goes viral

LMFAO’s single “Sexy and I Know It” has inspired many Internet users to create parodies, but none of them was as successful as the one produced by the Peterson brothers, “Farming and I Know It”. According to Hollywood Life, the farm parody went viral due to its educative messages.

The Peterson brothers from Kansas were highly praised after producing a “Sexy and I Know It” parody about farming. They were particularly appreciated for the useful information they added; thus, enabling people to better understand what raising cattle presupposes. To my mind, however, the three boys only managed to produce the first parody that is more serious than the original video.

Those who are old enough to view LMFAO’s video “Sexy and I Know It” are familiar with the highly-developed sense of humor of Stefan Kendal Gordy and Skyler Austen Gordy, the two members of the American band. Their song is actually meant to deride some guys’ obsessions with their looks. This is why, the sequences included in their “Sexy and I Know It” clip are much more amusing than the ones used by the Peterson brothers. Besides, LMFAO does the wiggle-wiggle dance. ‘Nuff said.

Greg Peterson, a student at the Kansas State University heard the song for the first time at a drive-in restaurant. He initially switched “sexy” with “farming” and then, played with the lyrics until he was satisfied with the new song. He teamed up with his brothers to produce a video where the three boys feed the cattle and work the farm fields. Both the images and the lyrics are meant to explain people from big cities like New York what farming presupposes. As a result, the clip turned out to be more educational than amusing.

Despite this, “Farming and I Know It” gathered 3.2 million views since its release on June 25. Greg Peterson told the press that he is overwhelmed by the popularity he has gained and is trying to keep himself busy with farming activities, so he would not lose his mind.

Peterson’s major specialization is agriculture communication and journalism, whereas his minor is music. His initiative was welcomed by Steve Baccus, the president of the Kansas Farm Bureau, who has been working on ways to get farmers to communicate with consumers through social media.

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