“Fargo” Makes Debut On Small Screens

After raising lots of controversies with their 1996 film, the Coen brothers prepare “Fargo’s” debut on small screens. Unlike the original movie, the new TV show produced by FX is expected to be well-received by the residents of Fargo, according to Reuters.

When it was first released in 1996, “Fargo” was highly criticized by people living in the city that inspired the movie. The majority of them were disappointed with the image that the Coen brothers conferred to their city, but they were soon forced to admit that the movie increased the popularity of the otherwise small town located in North Dakota. Soon after the movie hit the big screen in 1996, many tourists headed to the city of Fargo to take pictures of the iconic wood chipper autographed by the Coen brothers and to purchase ear-flap hats similar to the ones used in “Fargo”.

Given these circumstances, the residents of Fargo are glad to hear that the movie has inspired FX producers to create a TV series, as well. Most of the residents who agreed to release interviews have stated that the serial could be very benefic for the welfare of the city. They no longer seemed bothered by the fact that the Coen brothers have a preference for dark humor, that they often illustrate the Scandinavian culture as violent or that they introduced heavy accents like “you betcha” and “ya sure” in their 1996 movie.

It wasn’t just the increasing popularity of the city that determined Fargo residents to be more apprehensive towards the Coen brothers, but also the numerous awards that the movie received from the Academy. The film was nominated for seven Academy trophies and the theater held an Oscar party that was highly praised by Entertainment Weekly and other attendees. The money that were raised from ticket sales were also used for the restoration of the theater, so the city of Fargo began to see the benefits of the movie.

The Oscar-winning motion picture stars Frances McDormand as Marge Gunderson and William H. Macy as a car salesman, who hires two criminals to kidnap his wife. Marge Gunderson is the pregnant police chief who investigates the murders taking place in the city with the attempt to solve the mysterious case.

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