Fantastic Four Cast Has Been Announced

The Fantastic Four cast has just been announced. If you were eager to discover who will be featured in this new movie, you don’t have to wait any longer. 

The highly anticipated reboot of the Fantastic Four film franchise will feature Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, Miles Teller and Jamie Bell. 

Variety revealed that Michael B. Jordan will be the one to star as Johnny Storm or the Human Torch, Kate Mara will interpret the role of Sue Storm or The Invisible Woman, while Miles Teller will play the part of Reid Richards or Mr. Fantastic. Jamie Bell is expected to play the role of Ben Grimm or The Thing. 

The cast choice is quite interesting, but some reports reveal that not all deals have been signed yet, so some changes can still occur. While Kate Mara and Michael B. Jordan seem to have signed their deals, so the contracts are closed, we cannot say the same thing about the two other actors. 

It seems that Jamie Bell and Miles Teller have not signed their contracts yet, reports revealing that the two actors and the producers of the movie are still negotiating. Still, most likely all four stars will be confirmed in these roles. 

The Fantastic Four is expected to hit theaters in June, 2015, so fans will have to wait for more than one year until they will be able to watch the adventures of this team of young heroes. 

The story that fans will be able to see in this movie is actually set in New York City. The characters remain the same as in The Ultimate Fantastic Four comic book series, but it seems that their origins stories are much different in the new movie. 

The producers of the new movie have not made up their minds yet on who will interpret the roles of the villains, but they are currently auditioning to complete the cast.  

The Fantastic Four is directed by Josh Trank, while Matthew Vaughn and Gregory Goodman are the producers of the movie. 

Nothing else has been released for now, but filming for the movie is set to start soon. Until now it seems that while some fans have been happy with the cast choices, others were not very pleased. 

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