Fans Place Bets On Robert Pattinson’s Next Date

While Kristen Stewart is now like kryptonite for Twilight fans, Robert Pattinson’s popularity has never ranked higher. Fans are in fact placing bets on the next woman Robert Pattinson will date. Mila Kunis, Ashley Greene, Katy Perry and even Elizabeth Olsen are part of the bet.

It goes without saying the Robsten breakup got many of the Twilight fans in depression. But just like other Hollywood scandals, this one cooled off. The “nuclear winter” is almost over, but unfortunately for Kristen Stewart she lost most of fans’ support during the cheating scandal. In the meanwhile, Robert Pattinson never looked more like the knight in shinny armor.

So, fans are already placing bets on the woman Robert Pattinson will date next. And there’s quite the A-list. For the moment, Examiner reports only fans in the UK are throwing out cash on Robert Pattinson’s next relationship, but the list carries a plethora of young and beloved Hollywood stars. Seeing as Robert Pattinson is currently Hollywood’s most desirable bachelor, chances are the stars on the list would like a piece of that media coverage for sure.

Elizabeth Olsen is on top of the list, with 10/1 odds that she’ll be Robert Pattinson’s next date. Entertainment Wise writes nobody knows exactly why “but the sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley is the 10/1 favorite with Paddy Power to step into Kristen Stewart’s shoes as the next ‘Most Enviable Girl In the World”.

Amanda Seyfried and Ashley Greene are both on second place, followed by Katy Perry and Daisy Lowe. Emma Watson ranks sixth in fans bets with 18/1 chances. Mila Kunis, Rihanna and Taylor Swift are all on eighth position with 25/1 odds. Zooey Deschanel is also on the list, but not in top ten.

In the meanwhile, everybody keeps trying to make sure Robert Pattinson will get over Kristen Stewart. A report by The Hollywood Life says that actor Leonardo DiCaprio took Robert Pattinson on a private getaway trip to Puerto Rico.

“Leo has been one of Rob’s role models for years, and Rob was totally taken by surprise when Leo called him” said a source. “He invited Rob along on a getaway he’s planning when he’s in Puerto Rico for the wrap party on the movie he’s producing, Runner, Runner”, the source added.

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