Fans Criticize Cameron Diaz For Claiming Women Want To Be Objectified

America’s sweetheart, Cameron Diaz might have just lost a few fans. The actress declared in a recent interview with U.K.’s Sunday Times that women want to be objectified, thus triggering numerous critics from fans.

The “Bad Teacher” star surprised everyone with the recent declaration she made for a British tabloid. She told reporters that she is perfectly aware that she is sexy and doesn’t blame men for treating her as a sexually-related object. In fact, the actress believes all women love to be objectified to a certain extent; they just don’t like to admit it.

The statement was immediately disapproved by most online users. The majority of them have stated that the actress doesn’t understand the difference between the notion of ‘admiration’ and that of ‘objectification’. Diaz’s female fans admitted that they like to be admired, but they strongly disapprove with the representation of the woman as a mere object meant to fulfill men’s sexual desires. Some of them were quick to attack the actress claiming that getting undressed is the only way she can draw people’s interest nowadays.

Mistake or no mistake, Cameron might have just opened the Pandora box of negative comments given the overestimated opinion she holds about herself. The 40-year-old actress recently completed a photo shoot with Terry Richardson for the November issue of Esquire magazine and felt very confident throughout the whole time due to her physical assets. “I know what I feel comfortable doing, and I know my sexuality,” the blonde bombshell added.

Cameron’s confidence enables her to act like a true professional during sexy photo shoots. Unlike younger models, who often shy away from photographers’ cameras, the actress was eager to take her clothes off and use some of her best poses to present the sexy underwear. She even requested higher heels because she felt the pair of shoes she was given did not reflect her sexy personality.

The actress did not provide any explanation in relation to her initial declaration after the swirl of negative comments began. Fans expect her to apologize for the mistake she has made, but it is very unlikely that the actress will respond to their requests.

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