Fans are waiting in Line for iPhone 6

Fans are so excited with the release of iPhone 6 that they are actually willing to wait in line until the new phone will be available for sale. So, Apple fans are ready to wait in line for no less than two weeks to get the new smartphone. 

Reports reveal that iPhone 6 will be presented by the famous company at the event it plans on hosting this month. However, Apple confirmed nothing, so we can only say that an unknown device is set to be released at an unknown date. And this still makes people willing to wait in front of the Apple store in New York City.

So, Apple has yet to confirm the launch of the new phone, while the release date has not been officially announced by the famous company. However, it seems that the rumors were enough for many people to stay in line in order to get the new phone. Apple has an event scheduled for next week, but this does not necessarily means that this will be the moment when iPhone 6 will be presented to the world. 

At this event, Apple is expected to present the latest iPhone, but also the much expected iWatch. If the famous company plans on releasing both of these products at this point or not is something yet to be discovered. The interest in these new products is quite big, so there is no wonder that people are ready to wait in line for days. 

However, the fact that the news comes after the latest security attack on Apple’s iCloud can seem quite curious. Apple has been linked to a scandal, as it has been reported that personal pictures of numerous celebrities have been obtained by hackers who broke into iCloud. Actually, Apple’s shares have declined after the news was made public. This was a huge hit for investors, too, as Apple is the most valuable company in the United States.

How will Apple respond to this hacking scandal is another story. Until things will be cleared out, fans are excited to find out if they will be able to get the latest iPhone in just 2 weeks. 

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