Fan Rushed To Hospital After Falling From Escalator at MetLife Stadium

The Inquisitr reports that a fan was rushed to the hospital after falling more than 20 feet from an escalator at the MetLife Stadium. The accident occurred at the end of the Giants – Redskins game giving authorities a hard time to figure out what might have caused the man to lose his stability.

A man, whose name hasn’t been disclosed yet, was severely injured after falling from the escalator of the MetLife Stadium during the New York Giants – Washington Redskins game that took place on Sunday night. While the game ended well for the New York team, the same thing can’t be said about the 42-year-old fan, who had to be airlifted to the Hackensack University Hospital and is now in critical condition.

Authorities are still trying to puzzle out the circumstances which led to the accident. The information they obtained so far was not enough to shed light on the case. According to sources, who have witnessed the scene, the man was on the escalator when he suddenly lost his balance and fell over one of the metal stages at the New York stadium. Sgt. Grossman did not make any comments in relation to the accident and did not say whether the injured man had been drinking or not.

Similar accidents have taken places during important games in the past. At the beginning of the year, a student at the University of Tennessee was killed after falling from the upper deck of the Georgia Dome. Police officers found out that the fall was caused by an overly-excited fist pump occurring after a touchdown. Even though the Giants won the game with a 27-23 score, investigators doubt that the fall from the MetLife Stadium escalator was caused by yet another exciting fist pump.

The Reliant Stadium was also subject to a thorough investigation after a fan fell from an escalator during the Minnesota Vikings – Houston Texans last season. The fact that the man tried to slide down the handrail of the escalator was described as the main cause leading to his fall and, consequently, his demise.

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