Family Lies About Health State To Get “Extreme Makeover”

Associated Press reported that the TV show Extreme Makeover, which airs on ABC TV channel is now investigating, along with the authorities, a special case: the Cerda family.

The Cerda family moved to Oregon in 2009. They have been selected to participate at Extreme Makeover due to the health problems the children had and to the inappropriate conditions that they were raised in. According to the mother, Terri Cerda, her daughters, Molly, who is 10 and Maggie, who is 8, both have immune deficiency conditions that do not allow them to function properly in society. In the interview that was done for the TV show before rebuilding and remodeling their home, the mother, Terri, explained more about the condition of the girls. She said that they get sick faster and they have been under medical treatment since a very young age. The oldest of the girls, Molly, also talked to the camera and said that that she cannot stay in any climate condition as she gets a cold very easily. The younger sister didn’t talk directly to the camera.

During the video, the children weren’t given any medication. Still, the mother explains that she has a similar condition and she has to carry pills and medical devices with her at al times. She is seen taking some pills.

Impressed by the case, the team from Extreme Makeover tore down the old house and practically builds a new one, with filtered air and a great swimming pool in the back yard. And, of course, a lot more other improvements.

However, after a while, they discovered that the Cerda family was lying about their health problems. Doctors in Oregon have warned the child welfare authorities on the danger the mother is putting the daughters in. According to them she was impulsively seeking treatment for immune-deficiency conditions that the girls did not have.

The authorities took temporary custody of the two daughters in February. In one month, the family sold the house because they couldn’t afford the maintenance expenses and moved back to Nevada. The state then gave the girls back to the family.

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  1. I guess because the family was white nobody question or really check if they were being truthful.SMH! So Many Honest People Need Help and this family lied but because of color they was believe what out question. Even to this day the United States still equate II Someone is Being Truthful With Color.

  2. I hate when people always say its because of the color of their skin. That has nothing to do with how despicable people are just to get something for nothing.

  3. Sad! What does color have to do with being a flat out Liar? What is the world coming to? I ‘m so frustrated about this color Mess just let Go and Pray that you and yours are never in that place to have to lie for assistance. By the way I’m a Black american so DUH!!!

  4. Really? You have to bring up color! Liars are liars no matter what color they are. Are you saying a person of color would never tell a lie? People are people and society need to stop separating everyone into color groups.

  5. You said it best first when you said, “I guess”. The dad looks Latino….what about him?? Haha…”they” say ignorance is bliss….you must be one happy person!!

  6. michelle,your right Color always plays a part of what, how much and how soon you get help, but its sure not the CAUCATION COLOR its BLACK OR SOME OTHER DECENT,if u look into who has the most houses built from HABITAT,HOME MAKE OVER or any other org that builds houses for people its 99.97 percent for BLACKS because you are forever chewing on the RACSIST thing like u were right there an the OLDER BLACK PEOPLE I mean the ones that were there are glad to be FREE and treated like SOMEBODY U AND MOST LIKE U THINK THE WORLD OWES U SOMTHING BUT michelle WE DON’T SO STOP HAVEING SELF PITY AND GET A LIFE

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