“Family Feud” Host Richard Dawson Dies At 79

Reuters informs that the “Family Feud” host, Richard Dawson died at 79 years old on Saturday. The demise occurred at the Ronald Reagan Memorial hospital in Los Angeles where Dawson was receiving medical treatment for his esophageal cancer.

Richard Dawson’s boy, Gary, announced on Sunday that his father passed away on Saturday. The actor was suffering from esophageal cancer and his health state worsened in the past months. No other details have been provided in relation to his funeral services because the family wants to keep it private.

The British-born actor started his career in the 1960s, but he only became famous when he was named the host of the TV show called “Family Feud”. The program became a big hit of the 70s thanks to Dawson’s charming personality and wit.

For those who don’t know what the show was about, “Feud” was a competition between two families who were supposed to answer as many correct questions as possible. The television show became the favorite program of most Americans and it was often spoken about in movies, sitcoms and TV series. Several modifications have been made throughout the years as Dawson invited celebrities on his show. In 1985, “Family Feud” was canceled, but it was produced again in syndication given birth to numerous other shows inspired by it.

Gary Dawson concluded his statement by letting people know that the former television man was always appreciated by his family and friends. Although he was highly admired as a TV host and actor, Richard was also loved as a husband, father and grandfather, was Gary’s declaration.

Dawson was also known for the parts he played in various Hollywood movies. The 1965 “King Rat” film was one of the most appreciated productions. The British-born actor did a terrific job interpreting the role of a military prisoner. As a matter of fact, the producers of “Hogan’s Heroes” were so impressed with his acting skills that they invited him on the TV serial. Later on, he co-starred with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie “The Running Man” which was inspired by Stephen King’s sci-fi books. In 2000, Dawson announced his decision to retire.

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