Faith Hill And Tim McGraw Will Duet In Las Vegas Shows

Earlier this week, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw announced they will duet in Las Vegas shows at the Venetian. Ready to buy your tickets?

They’ve been married for 15 years and their first single was released 20 years ago. Throughout these years, Faith Hill had to constantly put up with people’s hatred towards her husband, Tim McGraw. Chances are the Venetian gig is an attempt to show the world the other side of McGraw. Well, at least for a limited time anyway. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw announced this week they will perform at the Venetian in Las Vegas for ten weeks.

“I’m so excited” said Faith Hill about the upcoming concerts at the Venetian. “This is thrilling for us to be part of this extraordinary experience for this limited time” the country music superstar added.

During the news conference, Faith Hill added “The fact that the Venetian has worked around, basically, our kids’ school schedules is a big key”. “For me that’s the only way I’ll do anything” said Faith Hill, while her husband Tim McGraw added: “That’s a big key”.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have three daughters in high school and college. “We’re not going to become immersed in the community because we have three daughters who are in school” answered Tim McGraw to a question during the news conference. “We’re pretty immersed in our community and our daughters’ lives, and that’s one of the great things about what the Venetian has done for us and the flexibility they’ve had for us” said McGraw.

The Faith Hill and Tim McGraw “Soul2Soul” concerts are scheduled for December through April at the Venetian Theater. It’s going to be interesting to see how an Italian themed resort is going to fit two country music stars. Tickets will go on sale Monday at 10 a.m. through and the box office at the Venetian-Palazzo. Prices range from $95.50 to $295.50.

“We’re doing 10 weekends through April. We’ll be in and out. We have two girl in high school this year, one girl who is by herself on another campus, so it’s a busy life” explained Tim McGraw.

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  1. The first song they released as a married couple was “Its Your Love” and it was released in 1997. That is 15 years ago, NOT 20. I am also somewhat confused on the part where the writer wrote: Throughout these years, Faith Hill had to constantly put up with people’s hatred towards her husband, Tim McGraw.

    That’s is nothing but, a false statement. Tim has millions of loyal fans. His concerts sell out in minutes. Get your facts straight before you write an article about them.

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