Facebook Working at an Office Version for the Social Network

It seems that Facebook is now working at an office version of its social network. Apparently, the famous company is willing to develop a new tool for communication at work, between employees. This new tool is actually called Facebook at Work. 

In terms of design, it has been revealed that Facebook at Work will look exactly as the social networking site looks at the moment. However, there is a big difference. The site is focused on chatting with coworkers, to enhance the collaboration of employees at their workplace. Facebook has not commented on the reports regarding this new project, so it is yet to find out what the famous company has to say. 

It has been reported that Facebook at Work is already tested by the tech giant and will most likely be out in a couple of months. There is quite a big challenge for Facebook now, as the tech company has to create a service that will keep users on Facebook, but will make them feel comfortable enough that their personal lives will not be mixed with their corporate ones. 

On the other hand, such a service will actually mean a change when it comes to the way the social media site is perceived. So, this way Facebook might become able to compete with giants such as LinkedIn, Microsoft and IBM. And it would surely represent an important player, as Facebook actually has over 1.35 billion users nowadays. 

In fact, the new Facebook at Work promises to be more than a messaging tool. It actually promises to allow employees to communicate via groups, messaging, as well as news feeds. However, it is important to mention that no information from Facebook at Work will show up in users’ personal accounts. Still, analysts say that Facebook at Work is not for everyone. 

It will actually be for people who are comfortable about mixing their personal and their professional life. Still, many might consider this a great new tool, making Facebook more relevant from different perspectives. Facebook grew amazingly since was first founded in 2004. 

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