Facebook will plop sponsored story ads into your news feed

Sponsored stories are ads that promote brands and businesses depending on what you and your friends like. CNET reported that Facebook will plop sponsored story ads into users’ news feed starting next month. This way, they will increase the effect of the sponsored story ads

These stories will appear on Facebook users’ profile as soon as they click the “Like” button. Thus, the ad will display the friend’s name, photo, and the advertiser that the respective person likes.

Story ads are not new to Facebook; they have always been placed on the right side of the Facebook page where they did not annoy users. Now, the developers of the social network have decided to move the ads in the same place with the news feed, that is, with the normal posts and updates of your friends. This change will most likely annoy Internet users because it is not meant to facilitate the use of the social network. Users were already disturbed by Facebook’s new look which is too disorganized to distinguish the new posts from the old ones.

The sponsored stories will not only appear when you click the “Like” button, but in many other situations. According to developers’ declarations, the stories will appear for Page likes, Page posts, Page post likes, check-ins, app shares, apps used, games played, and domain stories.

You probably think there is an option on your account that will eliminate all these stories from your news feed, but you are wrong. Facebook stated that users cannot opt out of seeing or appearing in sponsored stories. The only option you have is to click on the upper right corner of each ad in order to remove it.

Analysts reassured Facebook users that their personal information will be protected. In fact, the sponsored stories will not be displayed to anybody else except your circle of friends. On the other hand, you will not receive ads from pages that you did not like, so your news feed will not show people that you don’t know. Facebook’s spokesperson, Annie Ta, also told reporters that the company will make sure that you are not flooded with too many sponsored ads. The social network will display only one ad per day.

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