Facebook To Introduce Hashtags

Based on a recent report published by Reuters, Facebook could soon introduce hashtags represented by the # symbol to better organize posts on its pages. The measure triggered experts’ curiosity as the hashtags are usually requested on Twitter, the second most popular social network, to write messages.

Facebook is going through a period of changes as Mark Zuckerberg is determined to better organize the content of its social network. The CEO previously announced that the news feed page will be rendered more dynamic due to the addition of larger and brighter images and videos. This way, the social network will look better on all mobile devices because Facebook is keen on improving this aspect.

In addition to the changes that were reported at the beginning of the month, the social network will soon get a new feature: the hashtag. The # symbol, which is already added by Twitter users in front of their posts, will be introduced on Facebook as a means of organizing posts. The only difference, however, will be the fact that the hashtag will be added at the end of the text.

Facebook did not make any official comments in relation to these rumors that have been circling on the Internet. Anonymous sources claim the introduction of the hashtag feature will be preceded by an official declaration made by the CEO.

At the beginning of the year, Facebook installed a revamped search engine for the users of the social network. The program is called Graph Search and is meant to provide many more search options for those who want to reconnect with their friends. The newly introduced accessory will give users the possibility to find data they may have in common with other individuals registered on the social network, such as, restaurants and places they may visit.

Graph Search has a small drawback. The tool does not give users’ permission to search through the Facebook comments and posts that people have made. As a consequence, Zuckerberg is considering the introduction of the hashtags because the latter could make such searches possible. It remains to be seen, however, whether this element will have the same success for Facebook as it does for Twitter.

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