Facebook To Host Android Event

Facebook issued a press release informing fans and investors that they will be hosting an Android event on April 4, at the company’s headquarters in Menlo Park. The invitation, which read “Come See Our New Home On Android”, led analysts into thinking that the event will be a presentation of the new Android version featuring improved social networking functionality on the home screen of the new Facebook phone.

Facebook has been making hints about a possible in-house smartphone that could facilitate social networking for more than half a year. The launching of the new product has been postponed on numerous occasions as new Facebook upgrades and services were introduced to consumers. This time, it looks like Mark Zuckerberg is about to officially release the Facebook-compatible smartphone during the April 4th event which will be held at the company’s headquarters.

The invitation did not mention anything about a phone, but the fact that Facebook is adopting a personal version of Google’s operating system, Android, is a strong indicative of the fact that the software will be used on a mobile device. Although the rumor hasn’t been confirmed by the spokespersons of the social network, reliable sources have stated that a HTC phone for Facebook could be introduced during the event. The model might be endowed with a customized version of Android sporting numerous facilities for users who love social networking.

Android for Facebook will not be completely different from the other versions of the operating system, so users won’t have to get accustomed with the new program. The new Android could be called “Facebook Home” and it is rumored to look very much like the Facebook version we see on our PCs. The News Feed page could be displayed on the home screen of the mobile device along with numerous native apps, such as, Messenger, easy sharing features, etc.

Facebook’s collaboration with smartphone manufacturer HTC seems like a bold initiative, but the company should first try to solve some of the problems that have been affecting it in the last period of time. The lower share prices and decreasing popularity might prevent users from purchasing the new HTC phone as the social network has grown tiresome for most users.

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