Facebook to donate 50 Laptops to Sequoia High School

Mark Zuckerberg, the famous CEO of Facebook, surprised the students at Sequoia High School, paying them a visit. The popular founder of Facebook made his surprise visit on Wednesday, September 18. 

Before the visit made by Zuckerberg, it has been revealed that the social media company will be funding a mobile-application development class at this high school. The new class will allow students to learn the basic elements on how to program and design apps. So, for the new project no less than 50 new laptops have been brought to the high school. 

“Part of how I got to where I am in my career is I started playing with technology when I was your guys’ age,” a statement from Tim Campos, the CIO of Apple said. “My dad worked at a university and his lab used technology a lot, so occasionally he would bring it home to work on and that exposed me to technology,” it added. 

“For the next generation of technology leaders, we need to make sure everyone has access to technology,” Campos went on to explain adding that technology actually is the best industry to be in. He explained that being part of the technology world is an incredible thing, as you have the possibility to see how technology is changing everything in terms of how the world is working. 

And it surely seems that Mark Zuckerberg agrees with everything that Campos has claimed. “Technology is playing a bigger role in all of these things, so the reality is if you want to have a better chance of getting a job,” Mark recently said, adding that this is a world that offers numerous options. Mark went on to explain that working for Facebook is harder than imagined, as the famous social network is actually accessed by more than a billion people. 

It seems that with this new project, Mark Zuckerberg wants to encourage students to become more interested in the engineering and computer science market. The founder of Facebook also encouraged students to work hard to get better and achieve amazing results. 

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