Facebook to Buy Titan Aerospace

A quite interesting report indicates that Facebook is interested in purchasing drone maker Titan Aerospace. 

The purpose of this purchase might be linked to Facebook’s plan of providing affordable Internet access to millions of people.

Actually, Facebook aims to bring affordable Internet connectivity to over 5 billion people in the world. 

It seems that for that, Facebook needs Titan Aerospace. Reports reveal that Facebook is very interested in purchasing it.

Titan Aerospace is a maker of near-orbital, solar-powered drones. The particularity of these devices that probably makes them interesting for Facebook, too, is the fact that they can fly for no less than 5 years, with no need to land. 

Reports reveal that the price that Facebook will most likely have to pay for this company is $60 million. This is nothing to Facebook compared to the $19 billion it paid for WhatsApp. However, while the development plans of the social network remain unknown, it seems that Facebook has in mind a series of new projects. 

TechCrunch was the one to first report this news, saying that Facebook showed interest in these drones to be able to bring Internet access to certain parts of the world. The company might be planning to start with Africa. 

The report also revealed that Facebook is planning on building no less than 11,000 of these drones. The Solara 60 model might be the preferred one of the social network. The drones that Titan Aerospace produces are versatile and they are also quite cheap, making the company the perfect opportunity for Facebook to implement this project. 

Titan confirmed that they have been in talks with Facebook, even though the company chose to reveal nothing else at this point. The project has already been compared to Google’s Project Loon, which aimed to use high-pressure balloons with the purpose to provide Internet to certain areas of the world. 

So, even if the idea that Facebook is said to have will not work after all, the price that Facebook is have to pay is much lower than what the company paid for WhatsApp. So, this might actually be a bargain for Facebook. And maybe their project will even turn out being successful.

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