Facebook Shuts Down Page Denigrating Female Marines

USA Today reports that Facebook shut down a page on Wednesday because it denigrated female marines. The decision was adopted after a House member filed a complaint to the Pentagon asking them to take a stand against sexual harassment.

Rep. Jackie Speier wrote a letter to the Pentagon complaining about the content that was published on the Facebook page. She addressed the letter to the Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Amos asking them to take measures against the defamatory page which showed picture of naked female marines.

Speier blamed the military for not policing itself and for allowing people to adopt a disrespectful behavior towards soldiers. The protesting letter has triggered a far more negative reaction from the administrators of the Facebook page. She was offended and even threatened for reporting the page. Facebook shut down the account, but was unable to determine the identity of the administrators because their profiles were not real.

Speier was not the only one to protest against the Facebook page. She mentioned that the letter expresses the requests of both active duty and reserve Marines, who have been offended by the misogynistic posts published on the page. She reassured instances that they would be offended by the content of the page, too, and asked them to take actions immediately.

Facebook was quick to respond to Speier’s requests; the social network issued a press release informing Speier that the page has been closed after reviewing its content. The company further reassured Internet users that Facebook has a strict policy when it comes to selecting content. Pages are constantly removed from the social network because they have a bullying or harassing content.

Despite the fact that the Facebook page has been closed, Speier continues to urge the Pentagon to take actions against those who sexually harass military officers. She claims many more efforts should be made on the Internet and social media websites. On Tuesday, the Pentagon released a report showing that 26,000 troops were sexually abused in 2012, up 35% since 2010.

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