Facebook should be Federally Investigated for its Latest Experiment

Facebook is without a doubt the biggest and the most popular social network in the world. However, the social network’s privacy settings and the right it has set for itself to use user data is not that appreciated by many. In fact, some claim that the social network should be investigated for its latest, “creepy” experiment. 

Facebook recently conducted an emotional experiment which revealed some interesting conclusions. What Facebook did was to use positive and negative posts to manipulate the emotions of its users. The data they obtained was used for research. 

Well, now privacy group EPIC wants Facebook to be federally investigated for conducting this study. What the privacy group claimed is that Facebook “purposefully messed with people’s minds.” EPIC, which stands for Electronic Privacy Information Center, filed a complaint against Facebook with the Federal Trade Commission. The complaint was filed on Thursday. 

However, that is not all. It seems that EPIC also seeks for the News Feed algorithm of Facebook to be made public. EPIC also claimed that Facebook changed Data Use Policy before conducting this study, which naturally is something unethical.

On the other hand, Facebook can easily use what the company has named the clause that allows them to use data to enhance the services they offer. “When someone signs up for Facebook, we’ve always asked permission to use their information to provide and enhance the services we offer,” a spokesperson for the popular social network claimed. The same statement indicated that all companies which want to improve their services use the information they can obtain from their customers with that exact purpose, “whether their privacy policy uses the word ‘research’ or not.”

Of course, Adam Kramer, the person who conducted this study did nothing else than defend it. “The reason we did this research is because we care about the emotional impact of Facebook and the people that use our product,” he claimed in a Facebook post. What he wanted to share was the fact that Facebook wanted to find out the impact that negative posts have on the social network, to be able to limit them.

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