Facebook Reveals Hack

Facebook has just revealed a faster programming language, which will power from now on the social network. This is the new code that will run the social networking site. 

Facebook is currently used by no less than 1.2 billion people. The famous company has announced the fact that they will be using this new official language in a post that was shared on Thursday. The update is not accessible on the site yet, but it is available in beta version, which is live. 

Facebook has always been preoccupied with improving its products and the services it offers clients. Now, a team of engineers from Facebook have decided to develop this new programming language, which will allow fast changes, as well as minimal glitches. 

Hack combines both elements of a static-type programming language such as C with dynamic-type languages like PHP. Facebook engineers Bryan O’Sullivan, Julien Verlaguet, and Alok Menghrajani were the ones in charge with this project. And they spent a lot of time trying to implement it, working for years at its building. 

“We believed there had to be a sweet spot,” Verlaguet said. “Thus, Hack was born. We believe that it offers the best of both dynamically typed and statically typed languages, and that it will be valuable to projects of all sizes.” The program informs users of an error prior to the program running, while the program catches errors by itself and is able to run faster than before. Speed in coding is considered to be essential when it comes to programming languages. 

Verlaguet also said that the team wanted to “evolve this software to make development even easier for both our own engineers and the broader community.” The developer of Hack indicated that it wasn’t conceived to be limited to large projects, only. Verlaguet claimed that small codebases can also benefit of Hack. 

The Hack will officially be introduced next month at the Hack Developer Day at the Facebook campus in Menlo Park. Everyone is welcomed to give a feedback. Facebook considers the Hack to be the programming language of the future. 

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