Facebook Purchases WhatsApp for $19 Billion

Facebook just purchased the popular messaging service WhatsApp. The giant paid no less than $19 billion on this service. 

The impressive sum of money that Facebook was willing to pay on WhatsApp actually makes this deal one of the largest tech deals in history. Moreover, Facebook’s interest in this service seems to be great if the company was willing to pay $19 billion on it. 

In fact, this is the largest purchase that Facebook made so far, a purchase even bigger than the ones made by Google, Apple and even Microsoft. So, Facebook paid $12 billion in Facebook stock and $4 billion in cash for WhatsApp. Moreover, the founders and employees of the app will receive restricted stock worth $3 billion over 4 years after the deal closes. 

When Facebook purchased Instagram back in 2012, it only paid $1 billion on it. And back then everyone considered that to be a spectacular acquisition of the social network. Well, apparently Facebook now invested much more than that in a service. 

WhatsApp has more than 450 million active users and the number grows each day. The impressive growth of the service seems to be the one that attracted the interest of Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. Actually, Mark previously said that no one in the history of the world has done something like this. And he probably is right. 

Adding WhatsApp to its services might represent a great boost for Facebook, consolidating its strong position in the messaging world. It actually is no surprise that Facebook focused on purchasing WhatsApp, but the amount of money that the company invested in the app is absolutely spectacular. 

Analysts say that this purchase is one made by Facebook as they know they need to expand their business. However, at least for now, Facebook is not willing to make major changes to this recently purchased service. 

Facebook announced that they will keep WhatsApp as a separate service, as it did with Instagram.

Naturally, Facebook was not the only company interested in WhatsApp. Reports revealed that Google also showed its interest in purchasing it, but it seems that the two parties failed to reach a deal, after all.

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