Facebook Headquarters Evacuated After Threat

The headquarters of Facebook was evacuated, after authorities received a threat call involving the social media giant. 

Facebook employees found themselves surrounded by officers on Tuesday evening, as a threat against the company was called in to authorities. Fortunately, it was all a false alarm. The call was made to the San Francisco Police Department at around 7 p.m., who transferred it to the Menlo Park police. 

The cops closed off the headquarters of Facebook and started to search the entire campus. Employees waited until the cops searched the entire area, officers quickly clearing the threat, as they found nothing that could made them suspect that the call was real. 

Eventually, the employees were sent home, while officers claimed that the threat was non-credible. They added that, as they found absolutely nothing, they even wondered if the call was meant to be addressed for the Menlo Park campus or not. 

According to the Mercury News, the city allowed Facebook to pay no less than $200,000 a year to have a police officer closely accessible to the campus, in the most recent decision taken by the Menlo Park’s city council. 

Until now, Facebook made absolutely no comments regarding this incident. More than 6000 people work for Facebook today, but it is not clear how many of these employees were at the company at the time of the incident. However, the area was declared safe, so employees can get back to work with no worries. 

Facebook managed to create a lot of debates in the past few weeks, following the acquisition of WhatsApp. The famous social network paid no less than $19 billion on this service, in the most impressive deal in history. Following the purchase, a series of concerns have been raised. 

While some claim that this has been a bad deal for Facebook, others believe that the social network purchased the service for access to data and information of more than 450 million users registered on WhatsApp. Privacy groups have already raised concerns on Facebook’s right to access and use user data. However, Facebook claimed that they have no intention to change anything regarding the service, although some are almost sure that it will use personal data of users. 

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