Facebook Hashtags Susceptible To Leaks

Facebook users might have to review their privacy settings as the company revealed on Friday that the newly inserted hashtags are susceptible to leaks. The new feature was introduced at the beginning of the week and, according to the social network, there could be both negative and positive consequences to this modification, ABC News reports.

Facebook hashtags have been announced several months ago and they have decided to make their entrance, quietly, this week. Whether it was because developers wanted to surprise users or simply, because they wanted to test the new feature before making an official announcement, very few people were aware about the hashtags. The option is not available for all Facebook users and those who have the feature might have to protect their private information from prying individuals.

People who opt to place a hashtag on their Facebook accounts have to be aware that many other users, including those whom they would rather avoid can access their accounts. The minor glitch, namely, the fact that hashtags are clickable, can be solved by paying more attention to the privacy settings of the account.

Facebook recommends people to verify the privacy settings of each and every status before making it visible on the Internet. The small toggle placed underneath the status gives users the possibility to select the friends, relatives and acquaintances they want to share the hashtag with. This is necessary because all posts preceded by # will be displayed as Facebook searches made for specific topics. If you switch the toggle to ‘Friends’, the message will only be visible to those who have befriended you on Facebook.

Previous hashtag messages that have been posted on the social network must also be reviewed or deleted to prevent data leaks. You may also improve your privacy system by reviewing your Friends list and by organizing it in precise groups.

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