Facebook has updated Messenger with the “Face Recognition” feature

Facebook Messenger is without a doubt one of the most used tools for talking and sharing photos with friends. But, we are living in so agitated and demanding times that we simply forget to send friends the photos we take together. So, Facebook has thought about that and came up with a new feature, called Photo Magic. 

This new app will scan all the photos in the user’s phone using face recognition and will notify the user on the option to send to its friends the pics that they are in. The facial recognition feature raised a few privacy concerns in the past.

Well, it looks like Facebook has released this new feature in a similar manner with the feature that prompts users to tag a friend when they upload a photo to a Facebook Wall. The new Magic Photo app will be released in an updated Facebook Messenger Android app starting on Monday. To be added that the first update will be released in Australia and it is just a matter of time until it will be available in other countries, as well. Moreover, there is also an iOS version that will be available soon. 

So, probably most users are willing to send photos using the Messenger chat, rather than posting them on a friend’s wall. The new Magic Photo app comes in helpful and if it recognizes multiple friends in the photo, this app will open a chat with everyone involved. This means that the user will just have to tap on the send button and the photos will be delivered to everyone involved in the photo, so it really is simple. To be added that other famous apps from the Facebook family, like WhatsApp and Instagram will not have the Magic Photo feature, which is too bad, because they are some of the most used places for users to share photos. 

To be mentioned that the Magic Photo feature also has the ability to speed up the process a little. So, once the user takes a photo with friends, the app will immediately send a notification to alert him to share the photo with them.

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