Facebook Gets the Big Picture, John Carmack Says

It seems that John Carmack decided to talk about Facebook’s decision to purchase Oculus. Carmack claims that the social network actually gets the Big Picture. 

John Carmack is well known, being the co-founder of id Software. He is the current CTO of Oculus and it seems that he is quite happy with the fact that the social network has understood what he calls to be the “Big Picture.” The purchase of Oculus has been a very interesting move for Facebook. 

So, Facebook’s purchase of Oculus has actually determined mixed reactions. Most concerns have been expressed regarding Facebook’s policies when it comes to the privacy of information. However, Carmack claims that there is nothing to fear. “I’m not a ‘privacy is gone, get over it’ sort of person, and I fully support people that want [to] remain unobserved, but that means disengaging from many opportunities,” he said. 

Carmack went on to explain that “I have never felt harmed by data mining, and I rather like the recommendations that Amazon gives me on each visit.”

The development of Oculus was considered by many a project that deserves both admiration and credit. In fact some even say that the emergence of Oculus VR is actually the perfect example of the American Dream. The idea of this business started as an invention of a smart guy and now it is a multi-million dollar business. 

Oculus was purchased by Facebook for the impressive sum of no less than $2 billion. Some have considered this acquisition a great step for both Facebook and Oculus, but others have not agreed with the company’s decision to make this purchase. 

Carnack said that he actually did not expect to make this deal with Facebook, but this is how things have evolved. Carmack said that he actually expected to see Facebook interested in other companies, but he still believes that this deal is really a great one. It is yet to find out more details about this deal and what Facebook really plans on doing. 

Facebook has made quite interesting acquisitions in the most recent period. One of these acquisitions is without a doubt WhatsApp, which was purchased by Facebook for the impressive sum of $19 billion. 

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