Facebook Expands Charging For Messages

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO is clearly determined to make his social network more lucrative for mobile users. After a series of changes, the company announced on Monday that they plan to expand the charging system for messages coming from people who are not in your friends’ list.

Facebook users who want to send private message to other people who are not in their list of friends will have to pay a small fee from now, was the announcement that the CEO made at the beginning of the week. Spokespersons have described the move as a method of preventing spam messages and analysts were very pleased with the new charging system.

Paying fees to keep users outside your list informed is a system that has been successfully adopted by other social networks, as well. LinkedIn, for instance, charges users who want to send private messages to unknown people and the system has been very successful for them until now.

Zuckerberg described the current innovation as a “piece of hygiene” that will be adopted for the moment only in several countries. The United Kingdom is among the first countries to start paying Facebook fees for private messages, but no other details are known for the moment. The CEO declared that various sums will be tested at first to determine which is the amount of money that users are willing to pay. The social network does not want to risk establishing a fee that is either too little or too big for subscribers to afford it.

The fact that Facebook will introduce a new charging system is not expected to have any negative consequences on users. CNET News reporters reassured readers that the basic network communication will remain free, so they will be able to use Facebook just like they did before. The difference will be visible only for those people who want to upgrade their normal accounts to more professional ones. The new payment method will add value to the entire social network, in analysts’ opinion.

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