Facebook Enhances Privacy

Facebook announced its intention to help users become more private. The famous social network will add a new Anonymous Login feature, which will make some changes when it comes to the user privacy on the social network. 

The new Anonymous Login feature was actually announced by Facebook on Wednesday. The company made the official announcement at its developers’ conference. Then, Facebook’s CEO claimed that the new features will allow Facebook users to decide how much information they want to share with apps for games, for instance. 

This can be an important step that Facebook makes when it comes to enhancing the privacy of its users. The company announced that the new feature will actually be extremely effective in allowing users try an app with no need to share too much of their personal data. 

Actually, Mark Zuckerberg was the one to share this news. The co-founder of Facebook addressed to developers during the event that the company hosted and shared this hypothesis he came to. Mark said that this is an option that anyone may use to try an app without fear, as he claimed. 

Later on, users will have the option to log in with their full Facebook credentials, naturally only in case they want. Facebook seems to consider rather important for its users to have the option to find out what information apps get about them when they access it. To show the importance of this decision, Facebook also provided some statistics. 

The company revealed that users logged into various apps and websites with the use of their Facebook accounts more than 10 billion times. From this point of view, the need of enhanced privacy is very visible. Facebook will also introduce now an app control panel. This is a new way of managing the apps used. The social network revealed that this feature will be available in a few weeks. 

Overall, Facebook seems to be willing to offer users the possibility to control the information used by the apps they access. Naturally, this can only be a good thing from the point of view of the users. Limiting data shared with apps is what Facebook offers its users with the introduction of the new settings.

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