Facebook: “Current Measures Against Hate Groups Are Not Effective”

Facebook’s spokespersons admitted during a recent blog post that the current measures that the social network is using against hate groups are not as effective as they should be. After receiving various notifications and open letters from organizations, the company reassured Internet users that they will do everything they can to prevent these groups from posting offensive messages on their online accounts, the Associated Press reports.

Not long ago, Facebook received an open letter from a feminist group claiming that there are online groups who post offensive messages and photos to attract visitors. The complaint wrote that these Facebook acts have negative consequences on their image and determine other people to think the same.

Facebook published a web post on Wednesday in response to the complaint. The social network told Internet users that they are already using rules against hate groups, but the fact that people can still post hateful messages indicates that the current guidelines are not working. For that matter, Facebook has decided to take extra measures so these groups can be banned once and for all.

“We need to do better – and we will,” was the promise that Facebook developers have made through the blog post. Yet, the company’s message was not clear enough as the writers have stated that the new rules will be adopted when the current systems of hate speech identification have failed entirely.

The fact that the social network has managed to identify some of the factors that enable hate speech to be posted shows that significant progress has been made. According to Marne Levine, Facebook’s vice president of Global Public Policy, in some cases, systems may take longer to remove the unwanted speech, whereas the program may be using outdated selection criteria in some other cases. These aspects need to be improved in the future for Facebook to be able to remove the content that violates their guidelines.


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