Facebook Charges Fees To Promote Users’ Posts

Facebook announced on Wednesday that they could perceive fees to promote their users’ posts. The social media giant will enact this modification only for those users who want to make their message heard by as many people as possible, according to the Associated Press.

If you like to keep your Facebook friends up to date with every change in your life you might get a little bit disappointed by Mark Zuckerberg’s recent announcement. The CEO told the press that he plans to charge fees to promote his users’ posts in the near future.

The services provided by the social network will continue to be free as long as you don’t want to gain money out of them. Thus, users who plan to announce an engagement or to invite their friends to take part in a garage sale or charity event will have to pay a small fee just like advertisers do in order to make sure that their post is seen by everyone.

This feature has already been tested in New Zealand where many other features have been gradually introduced. Moreover, the fees for posts could soon be requested in 20 other countries around the world, including the United States.

Facebook’s spokesperson told the press that this decision has been made because the company thinks there are people who want their posts to be visible for a longer period of time. Abhishek Doshi, a software engineer at Facebook, explained that users’ message may sometimes go unnoticed, especially if there are many friends who are posting within the same day. As a consequence, Facebook’s new website gives users the certainty that their posts will stay on top of other messages for a certain period of time.

The statement did not provide any clarification in relation to the prices that will be charged in exchange of the new service. However, the company reassured people that there will be a wide range of costs available depending on every user’s preferences. Some people may already be able to see a $7 sign displayed on their Facebook News Feed on Wednesday. 

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  1. it’s funny how every form of the web wants to make money off of things and NAPSTA had to start charging fee’s so the music industry did get screwed in the CD sales. But when the postal service took to the Supreme Court for fee’s against e-mail because it would have the same effect on their business they got nothing but chewed up and spit out and look at what is happening to them..UNFAIR and the music industry said they needed the fee’s so they didn’t have to charge outrages prices for concert tickets to make up the difference and they did it anyway… facebook want to charge me to invite my friends over for a silpada party…does some of that money go to the post office because it maybe should have a stamp on it….I mean how much money do you need…GREEDY>>GREEDY>>GREEDY>>>>

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