“Face-Eater” And Victim Identified In Miami Cannibal Attack

Miami police officers were confronted with an unprecedented case of cannibal attack on Saturday afternoon when a man was found eating the face of a homeless individual on a causeway. According to CBS News, a series of investigations was conducted to determine the identities of the “face-eater” and the victim.

The man who was found devouring the face of a homeless person on Saturday was identified as 31-year-old Rudy Eugene. His victim, Ronald Poppo, has been a roofless person all his life and, according to the few people who knew him, he spent most of his time under the causeway. Sources who have helped police officers identify the victim claim that Poppo also lived on the streets of New York and Orleans, but spent great part of his life in Miami. He was arrested a couple of times for crimes that are common for homeless people, such as, sleeping or drinking in public, disorderly conduct and petty larceny.

The Miami Police Department was notified on Saturday that a nude man attacked another individual and appears to be eating his face. A police patrol showed up at the causeway and demanded Rudy Eugene to step away from the victim, but the attacker continued to pull pieces of flesh out of his victim’s face. Officers needed six shots to put the attacker down as he appeared to be unusually strong.

Judging by the looks of the man, police claim that Eugene was high on “bath salts” which are now consumed by drug addicts to recreate the effects of LSD. This is the only explanation that authorities have found for the fact that the man was naked at the time of the attack. Doctors explained that consumers usually take their clothes of because powerful drugs like heroin, LSD and now “bath salts” cause the body temperature to raise to a dangerous level. The victim, Ronald Poppo, was also naked from the waist down, but officers did not make any comments in relation to this aspect.

Miami has seen many cases of bath salts-related violence in the past years and, according to investigators, the attackers tend to become very powerful once they take these drugs. The majority of them attack victims with their jaws.


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