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Face, Body And Hair Masks With Olive Oil

The cosmetic properties of olive oil have been discovered centuries ago when people from Syria started using it as a natural moisturizer for skin. Modern science has enabled us to understand what is it that makes this product so good for our body and face. Olive oil is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants which help us assimilate vitamins A, D and K. Due to these natural properties, olive oil speeds up the regeneration of our skin, while slowing down the aging process.

Given its indisputable importance in cosmetics, olive oil is the one ingredient that can be used to create various masks for face, body and hair. Experts combine it with other ingredients to obtain customized results, depending on every person’s needs.

For a brightening face mask, mix a spoon of virgin olive oil with an egg and some honey until you create a homogeneous product. Apply the mix on your clean face, let it sink in for ten minutes and then rinse with warm water. The ingredients in this face mask will bring different benefits to your complexion; the honey works as a gentle cleanser removing all the dirt from your pores, the egg has soothing properties, whereas the olive oil will nourish your face.

Olive oil works just as good for the body as it does for the face, especially when it is combined with coffee grounds. The latter are coarse enough to gently peel off dead skin cells, whereas olive oil will make it smoother. You can rub this mask on your skin a few minutes before the shower and then, wash it off with your regular bath products.

Dull tresses can be brought to life, too, with the help of olive oil. You can combine it with other organic oils, such as, avocado and castor oil, or you can use it as it is. Either way, your hair will be softer, shinier and easier to manage if you apply this mask for 15 minutes before normally washing your hair.

No matter how good these DIY remedies may be, it is recommended that you apply them once a week. Overusing these products will load your skin and hair causing undesired results.

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