Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition Recap

A new season of “Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition” premiered on Sunday, June the 3rd. The producers of the show introduced us to Tony, a 400-pound guy who resorted to trainer Chris Powell in order to get back in shape for his 50th anniversary and his wedding.

The second season of ABC’s reality show, “Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition” took off on Sunday with Tony’s tear-exciting story. The 400-pound man stood in front of the cameras to convince Chris Powell to help him shade weight for his upcoming anniversary and wedding.

Speaking of his weight problems, Tony told reporters that he reached the 400-pound weight because he had been working in the fast food industry all his life. In addition, the stress of raising a special-needs child might have pushed him towards unhealthy eating habits. During a medical checkup, doctors told Tony that he could suffer a heart attack if he doesn’t do something to get rid of all the fat around his abdomen.

Before the “Extreme Makeover” staff came and took Tony on their show, the public was introduced to Tony’s past. Thus, we learned that the man was forced to support himself since the age of 14 when he used to shovel snow for money and work at a local fast food restaurant.

Nevertheless, Tony’s new journey towards a healthier lifestyle was not easy, either, judging by the images that were shown on the program. Tony was very determined to lose weight, which is why he always paid attention to Powell’s pieces of advice. Unfortunately, he soon learnt that his 28-year-old special-needs son was hospitalized in a bad condition.

The problems didn’t stop here. His fiancé was no longer attracted by the new Tony, so she asked him to move out of her house. Despite all these problems, Tony continued to observe the healthy regime that Chris Powell suggested to him. He did it even though he lived in his car or in his friends’ homes. When he found out that his son passed away, Tony was heartbroken, but he nevertheless, continued filming the reality show because he knew that his son would have wanted him to succeed, too. At the end of the year, Tony managed to lose 200 pounds and to get a new girlfriend.

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