Extreme Makeover trainer reveals weight loss secret

Chris Powell, the trainer that transforms obese people into healthy fit responsible individuals, reveals one secret that is the base to any weight loss, according to Reuters. He claims that whether you want to lose 20 pounds of 200 pounds, the recipe is the same.

After working with obese people for years, personal trainer Chris Powell is considered an expert in healthy weight loss. He pushed to limits of every contestant in “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition”, forcing them to realize that there are no limits. He calls himself a “transformation specialist”, serving as coach, psychotherapist and mentor to every one of his clients. Now 33 years old, Powell has been working with extremely overweight people since 2003. What he finds exciting about his occupation is the fact that “there’s something so magical about this group because they are the group that the cards are stacked against.”

He has obtained incredible results with a method that can be used for both slightly overweight and morbidly obese clients. Powell says that “from a diet and exercise standpoint, losing 20 or 200 pounds is almost identical. It’s just scale”. According to the transformer specialist, an obese person doesn’t have to make huge changes in his (of her) lifestyle. Most of the times, it is enough to drop sodas and drink water instead. A small eating habit like that could help a person lose more than they think. The scale will drop dramatically.

One advantage of the overweight people is that they have already developed muscle mass in order to put up with the general weight – the muscles were somewhat forced to develop to maintain the position of the body – so, a little amount of time spent walking or juts running a bit will make “their calorie burn through the roof”.

Powell’s fitness philosophy is “a little of this, a little of that”. This is the recipe to lose weight and feel better about yourself both on a physical level and on a psychological level. Whatever the goal, the method is the same. Small changes make a difference.

Chris Powell has a degree in exercise science. He has also studied biomechanics and physiology.

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  1. chris,
    how do i get my daughter the help she needs to lose weight to stay alive. she needs to lose at least 300 lbs but no one is willing to help. she cant have test run because of her size. i am really scared that she will not make it. she has 1 yr left in her nursing school and also raising her daughter that is 11. when she goes to the doctor they only say your over weight. she feels there is no one out there to help.

  2. Hi Chirs I love the show on abc it keep me move and trying to help myself. I have being try to lost weight seen Jan.2011 I will lost then gain I’m really trying to do my best. So I record the shows to keep me going. I weight 339 trying to lost 185 do u think I can do it.

  3. Hello Chris, I don’t know if you read this but Im hoping you do. I am 32 years old and I have 5 kids. I have lost weight before but never kept it off cuz i have always gotten pregnant again. I cant have anymore babies so this is my time to shine(lose all this extra weight) Im 5’1″ and I weigh 220lbs. I need someone to motivate me..I try to play with my kids and I can only do it for 5-10 mins till im so outta breath that I feel like im going to have a heart attrack. I want to be able to play with them for hours on end..I am sick of people judging me and looking at me. people stare at me and make me feel really uncomfortable..I am very self concious. I have not worn a dress/skirt or tank top(that shows my arms)out in public in 8 years. I just wanted to know if you can help me?
    By the way I love your show it makles me cry every monday night

  4. Chris,

    My sister is a beautiful and wonderful woman. I couldn’t ask for a better aunt to my two daughters. I worry about her health as she is obese and tries to loose weight, only to quit after a few months. She has always had a lot of determination when she wants something bad enough to make the change. At 53 years old I don’t know if she will ever loose the weight unless she has some help. Recently when she was at one of my daughters swim meets a couple of the ladies had to make room for her to walk by. It really angered me when they made snide comments and such after she walked by. I hate to see her have to go through this. How do we, her family, help her? I worry that already she is near diabetic and having to take many medications to get her through. She is too young to have this burden and I would love to see her get someone like you in her corner. What can we do. She lives in Portland, Oregon and we are all in Seattle.

  5. Hi Chris,

    I have been watching your show and I am so impressed with your caring and experitise to help people with a truly real problem. Most people think it is so easy. They just say, ” well just cut back, dont eat so much”. Thats sad.
    As your show has shown there are usially very real underliying issues these wonderful people are dealing with. Your episode with Dana last night was so very touching. I cried just for the pure fact that it was an amazing feat. And he won!!! I too have always struggled with my weight. I am a Lifetime member of Weight Watchers but have not been to a meeting a 2years. The last two years of my life have brough about many changes and most not so pleasant.
    I was in an abusive relationship and am still trying to deal with it. I feel like I lost my life. Now you need to understand that I am not in the same weight situation as the amazing people on your show. I am 5’3″ adn weight around 147. I need to lose 15lbs. I was 137 two years ago and this was a great weight for me and I felt good. I excercise but not like I used too. I feel like if I dont get a grip on things it could go even higher. Is there any advise you can give me. I get so confused with the sugars and carbs that I think I am all turned around.
    I know 15’bs to lose is probably a joke to most but it is just as hard for me to control myself and with all that has happened in my life the last two years I can’t afford to lose control of this. Please anything advice you can offer would be so greatly appreciated. AND keep up the good work!

  6. Chris,

    HELP my 48 year old sister, Brenda. She weighs around 250. My guess….could be more. I have tried to help her …put her on a workout plan….but I live 3 hours away…and can’t ‘monitor’ her. ALL SHE NEEDS IS TO BE EDUCATED ON LIVING A HEALTHIER LIFE STYLE. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!

    Thank you,
    Tonya Taylor

  7. Dear Chris,
    I am a huge fan of your show. Literally. I have been big all my life, but have slowly over the years simply gotten bigger. I am 5’5″ and over 350 LBS. I have tried tons of diets and had a gym membership at one time. I have a bad back due to my weight that puts me in the hospital about once a year. And I have met the love of my life, but I am afraid to have kids with him because of my weight. First of all I am not sure that I can have children because I am so big. And, I am not sure that I could take care of a child properly because I get tired so quickly. Plus, I am afraid of what will happen to my back if I get pregnant because of the child being extra weight up front futher pulling on my spine. I am no longer able to sleep in a bed because it causes my back to go out so I have to sleep in a recliner. My boyfriend and I have talked about marriage, but I don’t know how well it will work not being able to sleep in a bed together and have that closness that couples need. Any, help or advise that you could give would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,


  8. hi Chris i try every diet there is im not losing the weight im trying to lose so i can off all my pills i have to take can u pls help i live in elmira ny and i go to the gym on my days off from work my gym is planet fitness thank you dave

  9. Hello, I have only seen 3 of your shows which has also made me cry. I need to lose weight also. I would love to have another child but I can not even look down and see my past my stomach . I admit that I have a problem but more so than that I have a short tension span. I can and have lost weight before but I can not keep it off. And I get easily side tracked with my family, work , and lifes problems . So I am at it again. I need help! Plain and simple do you think that there is help for me?

  10. Hello, Chris.
    My name is Rebecca and i want to loose weight (about 45kgs) As i have just been diagnosed with Bi Polar, and have depression. I need the help i have tried everything from WW to Shakes. I know my problem is MOTIVATION, i have none. I hate myself so much that it is running my head. PLEASE HELP ME>

  11. Hi Chris, I live in the caribbean and i love your show. i am 282 lbs but after seeing you encourage and guide ppl between 400 -651 lbs you have inspired me. I have a full time job, i am a mother and I also go to university. it is full but i manage. I started my own program, walking and other exercise with group, i can not afford a gym. My challenges are i love sweets and determining the correct food portions. Is there an advice you can share. THANKS IN ADVANCE

  12. Chris I have been over weight allmy life.. I am 61 years old, 5’3″ 215 lbs. I am always thinkg of food, as kids we were taught to be sure you know you will fix for dinner even if it was planning a day ahead. And it had to be on the table when my dad got in from work Is there any way I can stop this fixation?

  13. I may not be heavy enough (yet) to be on his show, but I am pretty sure if I spent a year under Chris Powell”s care, I would emerge a whole new person. Problem is, I’d fall in love with him as I almost have just watching the show.

  14. Hi Chris

    I have just seen one of your show here in New Zealand. I am 38 years old, 6’2″ and weigh 312lbs (142kg) just under 4 years ago I weighed 219 lbs (99.6kg) and was feeling the best I had for a long time. But due to circumstances the weight and even more weight went back on. Could you please give me some advice on how to get the weight off. I can’t take a year off work like your show to do it as I don’t have the income to support myself. So any advice would be helpful.

  15. I have lost 15lbs with your book I am wondering about other recipes?? or any supplements… some of dr oz ??? I am handicapped and can’t exercise and have lost 15 lbs in one month one week.

  16. Hello Chris

    i am a breast cancer survivior and post menopausal , after my cancer treatments , i gained about 45 pounds that i just can’t seem to get off , i can’t take any hormones , so that doesn’t help , i work out three days a week and i walk and i try to eat healthy but the weight just won’t come off , i even tried weight watchers , and lost one pound in 2 months , am i just stuck being 52 and over weight , any tips for me
    thanks bunches

  17. Hi Chris. I like you weight loss methods. I have been struggling with my weight for some years now. I have over come a lot of things in my life but I can’t seem to beat my over weight status. I am 100 lbs over weight according to the weight and height chart. I really want to beat this problem. I just had a knee replaced. back in April of this year. I want to make life easier on my joints. I’m 48 years old. I’m determined to resolve this weight problem before 50. Can you help me?

  18. Chris this has been a hard year from loosing a job to husband having stroke and me gaining 50 lbs. Had gastric bypass 10 years ago and never did have skin removed loss 130lbs. Chris this 53 year old grandmother needs your help i am 4″11 195 please help before I am back to 280.

  19. Hello Chris
    my name is linda i am 47 yrs old and i am at 250 i think and i am always having back pain and chest pain due to a wreck in 2008 i havent been able to play with my two grand kids or get a job that i love due to my weight issue plus i have high blood pressure i have try diets and diets and i swim everyday since were i live at is calif it gets hot i was wanting to find out how much it would cost to lost 80 pounds or more?i watch your shows all the time and i know they work and i really need to lose weight i want to see all my grand kids get married and be thier for them when i am needed and i feel like if i dont lost it i willnt be able to see them get married instead help me please ty linda

  20. I have a 62 year old friend who I have just spent a weekend with someone I have known my whole life. He is morbidly obese and has no control over his eating. He is in serious danger of dying at this point. He is a talented musician and a father.

    I am writing to you wondering how to get a hold of your materials or you personally to help this friend who is in serious danger health wise at this point. Please respond to the email address so that I can at least help him to begin to turn this around.

    He has no clue and very little motivation at this point. Everyone close to him agrees that he is in serious danger.

  21. Hi Chris,

    I am 70 years old and am about 125 pounds over weight.
    In 2006 I broke my back and in 2007 I had what they call internal shingles, which left me with serve nerve damage all across my back and between the two factors I am unable to do much in the exercise line. It would be wonderful if you could give me some advice that would get me moving in the right direction?

    Thanking you in advance for any and all help that you are able to give me.

    Linda M

  22. I love your show. I watch it all the time, wishing I could have my dream come true. I am obese and have dreams about weight loss but that’s all they are is dreams. I don’t think I can physical do it. Can you give me any advice to get started. THANKS

  23. HI Chris, My name is PAulette i am 41 years old .I am a mother to 6 children. 3grandbabbies, one of which is battaling cancer.

    i am very much overweight .i would like for you to try to help me shred at least 50 pounds . the doctor seems to think i can walk much better and can finally stop taking pain meds and such. anything you could help with would be wonderful. video workouts dvd, or maybe some kind of workout program you could come up with.

    I have a problem when i lose weight it always seems to come back.since i have lost my leg it is so hard to lose weight. i have not figured out how to do cardio yet. i am a strong willed person .

    This is something i want to do to make me live a stronger and happier life.i know my body will feel much better after the weight is gone . i just feel so sluggish and slow .i am begging you please try to help me .my phone number is 334-799-1890

  24. Hi Chris, I am a 57 year old woman. Ten years ago I weighed 124 and was very fit. I still watch everything I eat and work out (not as hard as I use to) but I have gained 30 pounds in 10 years.

    Ten of those pounds in the past 5 months. I have just gone to my doctor and will go back for my blood panel, but until then I am looking for answers.

    Why the drastic weight gain?

  25. Hi Chris, My name is Elaine and I would like to lose the weight that I’ve slowly put on since I arrived here in Ks. I did start going to the gym and working out for 30 minutes then stopped because doctors said I’m low in potassium so I was prescripted potassium tablets. I started taking hypertension and water pills. my blood pressure is high. I would like to stop taking these medications and potassium as well. I want my old life back.

  26. Chris,
    I absolutely love your show! What a blessed man you are to find yourself in helping people and making them happy! Also you make happy people who watch your show!It is such a motivation for me! Thank you so much and,please, don’t give up the show.

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