Experts Confirm the Existence of the Albino Cyclops Shark

Experts have recently confirmed that the baby albino shark found in the womb of a dusky shark in the Gulf of California is indeed a Cyclops. The mother shark was fished out of the waters by a commercial fisherman this spring. The experts have examined closely the little baby and came to the conclusion that the eye tissue is indeed a working one although it seems the Cyclops would have been unlikely to survive once born.

Felipe Galvan Magana, a Mexico Centro Interdisciplinario de Ciencias del Mar scientist, considers the malformed creature to be an extremely rare event. He stated, for the Pisces Fleet Sportfishing blog, that so far “less than 50 examples of an abnormality like this have been recorded”.

The reports and photos published by Pisces Fleet this summer made the story of the little cute Cyclops go viral. Yet, shocking information about the existence of different mythical lookalike creatures come to surface more often than one might think. Only last week two similar stories made it to the public. First, Russian officials seem to have discovered actual proof of an Yeti creature existence. Second, paleontologists recently presented a theory that claims to support the discovery of an actual ancient Kraken lair.

Rarely such claims are founded on actual proof. The case of the Cyclops shark though is an exception. Even though it occurs on rare occasion there is proof that the sharks can indeed develop only one eye while in the womb. The same abnormality can happen to different other species as well as humans.

In 1982 in Israel a baby girl was born prematurely showing signs of severe brain damage as well as no nose and only one eye placed in the middle of her face. In 2006 a little kitten was born as well with no nose and only one eye, she only lived a day.

Galvan Magana and his colleagues will soon publish a scientific paper regarding the little baby shark. Its not the first time his team was involved in the discovery of extraordinary looking creatures. In January 2011 they made a report for the Marine Biodiversity Records journal regarding two headed shark fetuses.


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