Exile Pitbull On Remote Kodiak Island

When it comes to Pitbull, caliente is oftentimes the right word to describe him. But he might be in for a surprise because an online campaign “Exile Pitbull” might send the rapper on the remote Kodiak Island, all the way to chilly Alaska.

Wouldn’t it be funny to send a celebrity to one of the most remote places in U.S. ? Say a location completely the opposite of hm…Miami? Pitbull might live to become that celebrity. An online campaign for Walmart Stores Inc. has asked fans to vote for the stores where they want Pitbull to be sent.

According to Walmart representatives the store that gets the most “likes” on the company’s Facebook page will be the place where they will send Pitbull, aka Armando Christian Perez. Earlier this week, the Walmart store on the remote Kodiak Island in Alaska had the most “likes”. Walmart Kodiak, Alaska had 38,000 “likes” this Monday, which is several times more than the town’s actual population.

It all started as a joke. A reporter with The Boston Phoenix suggested it would be funny to send the rapper to the most remote store possible. So the reporter suggested Kodiak, Alaska and encouraged people on Facebook to choose the store in Kodiak. 

Although fans have a few more days to vote, chances are Pitbull is going to land in Kodiak. Walmart spokeswoman Sarah Spencer said there’s no way around it. If by July 16th Kodiak remains the most popular store location, then “he’s definitely coming to Kodiak if Kodiak wins”.

“I know Pitbull is hoping his Miami Walmart shoppers start liking their Facebook page” said Sarah Spencer. But odds seem to be against the Miami-based rapper. This Monday the Walmart Miami Facebook page had only 45 “likes”. 

However, Pitbull says he’s not going to make a fuss about where fans are going to send him. In a statement he sent from Austria earlier this week, Pitbull wrote: “Wherever the fans want to have a party, I will be there”. But only two days before Monday’s statement, Pitbull was tweeting: “I hear there’s bear repellant at Kodiak, Alaska walmartspecials”. Well, that’s one item Pitbull has to put on the shopping list before his trip to the Walmart in Kodiak.




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