Ex-Stripper Tried To Extort Mark Jackson

This Thursday, Golden State Warriors coach Mark Johnson had quite an unexpected announcement to make. In a news release, he talked about an ex-tripper that tried to extort him and his family with nude photographs and news about his extramarital affair.

Sure he’s not the first man to lose his minds over the racy strippers, nor the last one to put his career at risk. To his defense, the extramarital affair happened six years ago, when he was working as an analyst for ESPN/ABC. The press release the Golden State Warriors issued yesterday read that the ex-stripper recently tried to extort Mark Jackson.

The ex-stripper, Alexis Adams, helped by Marcus Shaw, extorted from Mark Jackson thousands of dollars, but they were both eventually arrested. The 28-year-old former stripper was threatening the Golden State Warriors coach she’d reveal nude photographs he took of himself and sent her to the media.

According to the FBI, Mark Jackson and Alexis Adams have been involved for about a year. The extramarital affair ended when the NBA star refused to tell his wife about their relationship. It was then when Adams called Jackson’s wife, Desiree Coleman, and revealed their affair and also showed her some of what she referred to as “compromising photographs”.

Earlier this year, Mark Jackson was approached by Marcus Shaw in Memphis. Shaw asked for “money to fix his teeth and to get his car out of the impound lot” in return for him keeping quiet about a CD with voice-mail recordings that the coach left the ex-stripper. Mark Jackson said he paid the man $5,000 in exchange for his controversial evidence, which he then destroyed.

But several weeks later, Desiree Coleman received an email from Shaw. He sent her compromising photos of Jackson and made a request for more money. It was then when the Golden State Warriors’ coach announced the FBI about the extortion.

The FBI referred in the court records to the former NBA star as “a prominent member of the public who now works in Oakland” and the main target of the extortion. However, the Golden State Warriors statement reads that both their coach and his family were targeted in the extortion attempt.

The team’s statement also read: “Although not condoning his previous actions that led to the extortion attempt, the Warrior fully support Coach Jackson”.

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