Ex Boyfriend Reveals Underage Minka Kelly Sex Tape

Given she was once named the Sexiest Woman Alive, Minka Kelly’s sex tape would definitely make for a high bid in the market. A report from TMZ reads an ex boyfriend revealed an underage Minka Kelly sex tape.

You might argue everybody makes mistakes when they’re young or that Minka Kelly couldn’t have possibly foresaw the future. One thing is for sure, the highly praised gorgeous Minka Kelly did not look to be too ashamed of the camera. So, to answer your question: yes, she seems to know there’s a camera recording.

Obviously, Minka Kelly isn’t the first actress to get involved in a sex tape scandal. But given her popularity with the public and her looks, the Minka Kelly sex tape could very well sell for enough money to make her ex boyfriend a very happy man.

TMZ writes the Minka Kelly sex tape is 30 minutes long and was shot in New Mexico. It’s safe to say the 30 minutes were shot in a semi-professional manner featuring Minka Kelly and her then boyfriend not very ashamed by the camera recording.

“The camera is secured by a tripod and hooked up to a TV monitor, so both Minka and the BF can watch the action they create” writes TMZ. Moreover, the report also reads “Minka is very aware of the camera”.

But what makes the Minka Kelly sex tape potential scandal even more interesting is the fact that it might have recorded when the actress was underage. TMZ noticed there’s a soundtrack to the sex recording, featuring two tracks from “Never Say Never”, Brandy’s second album which was released June 8th, 1998.

This means, Minka Kelly was at least 16 days underage. The actress turned 18 years on June 24th, 1998. Obviously the underage aspect of the sex tape, makes it all more damaging for Minka Kelly’s public image but could make for a great sale for her ex boyfriend.

For the moment, Minka Kelly and her rep are keeping quiet. Just a few weeks ago, Minka Kelly made an appearance in Marron 5’s latest video “One More Night”. “Minka was kind enough to make an appearance. That was pretty sweet. She plays my wife who leaves me” said Adam Levine ahead of the premiere.

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  1. This is a very silly conclusion. The Brandy album was released on June 8th, so the tape was either made within 16 days of the release of Brandy’s album, when Minka was 17, or it was made MORE than 16 days after the release of Brandy’s album, when she was 18 or over. Whoop de doo.

  2. She was most likely either 18 or 19. People are dumb to suggest that the music she is listening to way brand new! It could have been a Month or a Year old. Either way, lets not act like 17 is such a child. Most Countries I know of 16 is considered an adult.

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