Ex-ABC News Veteran, Sam Donaldson Arrested For DUI

Based on a recent CBS report, the ex-ABC news veteran, Sam Donaldson, was arrested after police officers in Delaware found him driving under the influence. Authorities pulled the newsman over on December 1 around 8 p.m. and took him to the station as soon as they discovered that he had been drinking.

If he were still an ABC news anchor, Sam Donaldson will be able to read his own news. The 78-year-old television personality has been charged with DUI by authorities in Delaware. The latter claim police officers were forced to pull Sam over because he was driving recklessly and had pushed the car into the side of the road.

Donaldson underwent various field sobriety tests, but failed them all, so police officers were forced to detain him on the night of December 1. He was later on released, but he will still have to show up in court to face the charges that have been brought against him. The first appearance was set for Friday, according to Sam’s representatives.

Reporters tried to reach Sam Donaldson at his home, but he was not available for comments. ABC, too, refused to make any declarations in relation to the recent events. Even though Sam has long retired from ABC News, he continues to collaborate with the network as a contributing reporter or commentator. As a consequence, his arrest at the beginning of the month could negatively affect the network’s reputation.

It is unclear what might have determined Sam Donaldson to drive under the influence. The news anchor has always had a good conduct during his career as a news reporter. He was named the chief White House correspondent for ABC News twice and covered the most important news for Presidents Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. He also teamed up with Diane Sawyer to co-host the “PrimeTime Live” and he was a news anchor for “This Week with Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts”.

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