Evernote Dealing With Security Breach By Hackers

The California-based company, Evernote announced on early Monday that they have dealt with a security breach caused by a group of hackers. The online firm reassured its clients that their data has not been in any way affected by the recent security breach; however, users were asked to change their passwords, BBC News informs.

Evernote is a popular company in North America having more than 50 million users. The company gives people the possibility to store and organize their personal data on an external server. On early Monday morning, Evernote noticed that their users’ profile had been accessed by a group of hackers, but engineers managed to stop them before they obtained data related to payment details.

Evernote’s spokespersons released a statement reassuring their clients that their personal information is safe. The only requirement that the company had was for users to change their password accounts because the hackers managed to get their names, email addresses and passwords. No evidence indicates that the payment details or the stored content was breached into.

Evernote has become popular after giving Internet users the possibility to organize the files they save in the external storage system known as the cloud. There is a wide range of files that people can save on Evernote, from music videos, to images and itineraries. Some people have also saved useful data information; therefore, hackers tried to access the secure areas of the server.

The password encryption service provided by Evernote was described as “robust” enough to protect all users’ information. Yet, the company will continue to make efforts to keep the users’ personal data safe. The first step they are going to make is to ask their clients to change their password accounts as soon as possible.

In the end, Evernote apologized for the troubles that the security breach might have caused to its customers, but reminded everyone that other services have been affected by similar cyber-attacks in the past months. Apple, Facebook and Twitter are the three big companies that have been the victims of online attacks in February and the number of cyber-attacks could increase in the future.

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