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Evelyn Lauder died at age 75 of ovarian cancer

Evelyn Lauder, the Estee Lauder Cosmetics CEO and creator of the Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon, died this past Saturday, from complications of ovarian cancer. She spent her last moments at her home in Manhattan, Fox News reports.

The cosmetics industry has lost one of its most remarkable leaders, in the person of Estee Lauder Cos. Executive, Evelyn Lauder. She passed away on Saturday, at the age of 75, from ovarian cancer complications, four years after receiving the diagnosis.

Daughter-in-law of Estee Lauder, who founded the company that bears her name, she inherited the burden and the satisfaction of running a worldwide known beauty products company. Evelyn has proven to be more than just a great CEO. She was also an innovator. Evelyn Lauder is the one who designed the pink ribbon that is now the symbol of every breast cancer campaign in the world. It all began in 1992, when Evelyn and one of her friends who ran the Self magazine at the time, started a breast cancer awareness campaign and came up with a logo for it. It was a delicate pale pink ribbon that the campaign workers (at that time, there was a small number of people involved, mostly her family) had to give away. The pink ribbons were handed out to women at the department store make-up counters in order to raise awareness and to encourage them to get tested for breast cancer.

Due to the high cultural impact of the campaign, October was designated as the Cancer Awareness Month, where the fund raisings would take place.  Recently, Avon Cosmetics, another worldwide known company, has adopted the pink ribbon awareness campaign as well.
Evelyn Lauder is also the founder of the Clinique brand and author of a cookbook: “In Great Taste: Fresh, Simple Recipes for Eating and Living Well”.

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