Evd3rs’ Planetbeing Talks About Future of Jailbreaking iOS on Reddit

For months jailbreak developers have failed to break into Apple’s iOS 6, and it wasn’t until just a few weeks ago that some of the most popular iOS hackers made a joint effort. Evad3rs is the new Dev-team that broke the most challenging puzzle Apple has developed. Evad3rs’ Planetbeing talked about jailbreaking iOS and the procedure’s future on Reddit during a Ask Me Anything session.

The evasi0n jailbreak news introduced PlanetBeing or Pod2g and MuscleNerd to the mainstream public. Even consumers that don’t own an iDevice now know these three names. Plus, since it took the jailbreak community so much to figure out Apple’s crack on iOS 6 and A5 devices, everybody wants to know more about the team’s members and the actual exloit they used to jailbreak iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPad mini.

A few days ago, PlanetBeing aka David Wang sat down with fans and users a few days ago during an AMA session on Reddit. “I’m happy to answer any questions anyone has for me, though the rest of the evad3rs seem to be asleep right now” PlanetBeing opened the Q&A session. And there were a lot of questions, many in connection with the future of jailbreaking iOS devices.

One user asked PlanetBeing if Apple would ever release an open iOS and where will evasi0n fit in that picture. “I think the ship has sailed for Apple to consider shipping an open iOS” answered PlanetBeing. “The furthest they might have gone was perhaps allowing you to unlock the boatloader like the Google Nexus phones. However, I don’t think they currently have a compelling reason to” he concluded.

According to the hacker, the next jailbreak will definitely be tougher, particularly since for this current version, the team has only been able to attack “Apple’s hardened security head-on in the kernel” via “Lame” vulnerabilities which are commonly hard to find. However, evad3rs still “retain a few tricks that may or may not help in the future”.

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