Evan Rachel Wood Sued for $30 Million

Apparently, actress Evan Rachel Wood has been sued for the sum of no less than $30 million. The famous actress was sued in relation with a breach of a contract. Reps for the star have already claimed that this is just a “bullying tactic from financially troubled producers.” 

Still, the producers of 10 Things I Hate about Life claim that the famous actress breached her contract, as she decided to pull out of the production, although she had signed a deal for it. Moreover, producers say that Evan Rachel Wood has in fact also received the sum of $300,000 for the role. 

The court documents filed against Evan Rachel Wood indicate that the star changed her mind about appearing in the production of the movie. The court filing reveals that the famous actress refused “without any legal justification to fulfill her contractual obligations and instead opting to walk out on the project.”

The legal papers were filed in Los Angeles, at the Superior Court. What the court will decide in this case is something we will find out once the case will be at its hearing. What has Evan Rachel Wood to say about this? Well, a rep for the famous actress said that what producers claim is not true. In fact, the rep revealed that production of the movie 10 Things I Hate about Life was shut down in February, last year, simply because producers ran out of money and could no longer continue with this project. 

Consequently, the rep says that Evan Rachel Wood has never dropped out of the project. She actually agreed to continue working at the movie in November 2013, when producers claimed that they managed to overcome their financial issues. “However, the producers still could not get their act together, nor did they pay Evan money that was owed,” the statement added. The simple conclusion is that according to Evan, the producers were the ones who breached the contract, not the actress. 

Which of the two parties is right is yet to see. However, if the court will decide that producers are right, Evan Rachel Wood will have to pay no less than $30 million.  

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