Evan Rachel Wood cut her hair

On Tuesday, actress Evan Rachel Wood appeared at the premiere of True Blood” Season 4 with a competely new hairdo. Shw had it cut short and went back to blonde again.

When asked about her new striking look, she told Access Hollywood that “it just felt right.” The actress changed her strawberry blonde long hair to a short blonde crop. I had my hair super long and I was just ready for a change” she told Access Hollywood and continued saying that it was something she wanted to try at leat once: “I’ve always wanted to do it and never really had the guts and I just thought, ‘I wanna do it at least once, just chop it off.”

The “Mildred Pierce” star – which airs on HBO – assured the press that the new haircut had nothing to do with a role in an upcoming movie. She sais it was a change she wanted to do just for herself, “just for life”.

Besides the True Blood and the Mildred Pierce projects, the beautiful and bold actress revealed how working with George Clooney is. “George is amazing” Woods said when commenting her work on the political thriler “The Ides of March” in which the most eligible bachelor of the world is starring and directing. “He’s an incredible, funny, generous man and I wish that every film I worked on was a George Clooney movie.”

Woods will be playing the role of member of Clooney’s staff which is romantically involved with one other staff member played by Ryan Gosling. He [Clooney] plays a politician running for office and I’m one of his interns who is having an affair with his press secretary” she unveils. “It’s not a bad day at work. Not bad.”

The movie will first be presented at the Venice Film Festival on August 31. As for the fourth season of the TV series True Bloon, it will air on HBO starting this Sunday at 9 PM.

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