Eva Mendes sings for new Angel campaign

Actress Eva Mendes is both the face and the voice of the new Thierry Mugler’s Angel fragrance campaign. On Thursday, the actress revealed that she will be singing in the commercials that will be on-air starting this fall.

Actress Eva Mendes, 37, is considered one of the sexiest Latinas in Hollywood and now her fans have one more thing to love her for: her “Angel” voice.

Mendez tells Omg! that the campaign has been so beautifully collaborative. She confesses that it is one of the most beautiful and creative moments in her career. “I really can honestly say I’ve never felt so creatively satisfied with doing a campaign before. “From the costuming to the music to the fact that I sing on the commercial to the overall look, I just feel like it’s been a true partnership and I couldn’t be happier,” she tells omg!

Eva has started taking singing lessons a few years ago, but she confesses she is not planning on releasing an album anytime soon. “It’s not a goal of mine, to make an album or anything like that. With my singing, I was just doing it as a fun exercise. That was always the goal. Try to hone a skill and have fun,” the actress says.

She explains that she has always been of the mentality that “if you prepare yourself for something, if you work on your instrument, opportunities will present themselves and that’s exactly what happened with this.”

In the fragrance commercial she will be singing Windmills of Your Mind which she confesses it is one of her favorite songs. Asked if she thought she had the voice of a angel, she replied, laughing: “My mother would think so!” Far from thinking of herself as one of the best voices in the world, a shy Mendez says “the good thing about [‘Windmills of Your Mind’] is that it’s almost like reading poetry.”

You will be able to have your own opinion on Eva’s singing voice in September, when the Angel commercial will air.

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