Eric Schmidt: Internet Censorship will Become Impossible in the Future

Google’s boss, Eric Schmidt, seems to be certain that in a few years the Internet will become impossible to censor. Moreover, the executive chairman of Google went on to make some predictions. 

Eric Schmidt said that revolutions such as the one that can be seen now in Ukraine will be seen when another two billion people connect to the Internet in the next 5 years. All these statements were made by Google’s boos during his latest interview with CBS News

According to Schmidt, the Internet is an amazing power, one that allows people to see and hear things, as well as to access information that they have never seen before. Because of the Internet, people will no longer be kept ignoring certain things. 

However, China might still be the exception. Schmidt was asked in his interview how he sees the future of the Internet in this country. In China, access to the Internet is highly restricted and censorship is applied in many forms. According to Schmidt, something absolutely unique is about to happen here. 

The Google boss said that in the following years more than one billion people will come online. He added that social networks such as Weibo and WeChat already have 400 million users. He also said that with the years, this censorship will no longer work. 

Censorship will actually become impossible in many countries in which it is still practiced by the governments. His hypothesis might not be very shocking, having under consideration that the Internet is an extremely powerful tool. 

“Google’s mission is to connect the world. We want a free, open Internet for everyone in the world,” Schmidt said. 

During his latest interview, Eric Schmidt also claimed that he donated no less than $1 million to help solve global problems through technology. He claimed that the money will go to groups or individuals who are accomplishing this goal easily. 

“We identified a whole bunch of companies all over the world trying to solve oppressive censorship, empower individuals, and make these phones more useful,” he said.  

During his latest appearance, Schmidt also went to promote his new book, The New Digital Age. The book was written by Eric Schmidt in collaboration with Jared Cohen, the Ideas Director at Google. The book will be released next week.

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